Bespoke Design

So how about outsourcing some of your company's design needs with the added value of home and giftware production under one roof?

This service came about by chance as much as anything but is now a design and fullfilment service we are proud of. It all started with a buyer from Harding Retail visiting The Shed inc. stand at an event 5 years ago. This was an innovative buyer with vision and determination who wanted their company to stand out from the crowd. The art of this type of project is working with our leading designers, who have world class experience, enabling them to craft concepts based on the client's vision from a single briefing into designs that will appeal to their customers and reflect the brand and company appropriately. 

This service is regrettably only available to bulk ordering clients. The Shed inc. are able to offer a full production service including branded packaging, and are delighted to have produced a full home and giftware collection in a 6 month period.   

" Once again, you and Susan have done a fantastic job and I am already thinking of more projects for you. "  - Logo Buyer Harding Retail   

If you would like further details regarding this service please do give me a call on 07802 933576.